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Photographing Wildlife From Afar: Tips & Tricks

Wild animals are, well, wild. They can be shy and dangerous, so it’s best to keep your distance. That means you need a long lens to get a good shot. Master these tricks to get the best cat pictures ever.

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Shooting sports? Get in position

No matter how good your camera is, it can't shoot what it can't see. If there's a big crowd between you and the action, your photos will disappoint. Forget photographing major sporting events with huge crowds—you can't get close enough. Kick back and enjoy the game. In every other sporting situation, follow these tips from an expert action photographer.

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Learn to Take The Best Shots of People

Photographing people in public requires a mixture of technical skill and the ability to beguile total strangers into posing. Nailing the technical side will help you make the most of your opportunities. When you make these decisions with confidence, on the fly, your chances of capturing those unforgettable faces are much improved.

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Help Your Camera Avoid the Shakes

A tripod isn't essential for most photography. The only reason to use a tripod during daylight hours is when you want to use a long shutter speed to create a particular effect, like using an ND filter to blur a waterfall. When you're photographing at night though, being able to support your camera without touching it is extremely useful.

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Preserve Your Travel Memories

It seems impossible that you could ever forget any of the memorable details from a great trip. Unfortunately, what seemed unforgettable in the moment has a tendency to fade with time. Writer/photographer and Matador contributing editor Kate Siobhan shares her tips and tricks for capturing your travel memories.

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