Felix Oppenheim

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Photographer Bio

Felix Oppenheim stumbled into professional photography when he started selling ski photos in the Alps to tour operators and ski magazines in the mid 1970s to support his real career as a ski bum. He was the official expedition photographer to legendary Swiss extreme skier Sylvain Saudan, when he skied Hidden Peak (8 068 m) in Kashmir, Pakistan. This was the first 8 000 m peak ever skied, and the photos from the successful expedition were displayed in magazines around the world, including Powder, Paris Match and Le Monde.

Reluctantly forced to go digital on a major assignment for the global packaging company Tetra Pak in 2002, Felix discovered an unexpected advantage of digital imaging on another assignment for the communications group Ericsson in Patagonia, Chile, in 2005. Shooting a river rafting expedition, the raft capsized with Felix and all his equipment. Back on shore, gasping for air, Felix found that although the camera was headed for the scrap heap, his SanDisk card was undamaged and all the images safe.

Felix Oppenheim has a well-earned reputation for always returning with stunning photos, no matter what, and spends his time traveling the globe on assignments alternating between sports, fashion shoots, corporate advertising, photojournalism and charity photography.

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