Two Peas in a Pod

Best Friends and Families in the Animal Kingdom

Two Peas in a Pod

These two young pig-tailed macaques were inseparable. I’d been observing their family for an hour. The two high-spirited monkeys were play fighting, pulling each other’s tails, climbing on each other’s backs, picking fallen fig tree fruits on the river surface…

Suddenly, for just a few seconds, I became their object of interest as my camera lens meets their big brown eyes. Their curiosity definitely shows in their adorable expressions. It almost seems like they were posing for me in that instance.

Just watching the whole family herd grazing and socializing by the river on a quiet late afternoon as the sun sets is a life-changing experience. I call them the "smiling elephants." Just look at those smiling faces as they use their trunks to greet and comfort each other.

Japanese macaques are also affectionately known as snow monkeys, the most northern-living non-human primates in the world. Mother and child were taking a nap while soaking in a natural hot spring. The snow was falling relentlessly and it’s during tough times like these that delicate and heart-warming moments shine through, like in this photo of a mother holding on to her child’s hand as they wait it out in the snowstorm.

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C.S. Ling

C.S. Ling captures endangered species and vanishing landscapes in the Asia-Pacific region.
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