The Hunt

Capturing the Kill from the Lion’s Perspective

The Hunt

Meg never ceases to amaze me.

I continually get asked the question: ‘Can habituated captive lions hunt on their own?’ I’ve always known the answer; however, on this particular winter’s day I could never in my wildest dreams imagine what was going to unfold and be captured on camera from a lion’s perspective, probably for the first time ever.

My relationship with Meg the lioness spans eleven years. We have done tons of stuff together including swimming in rivers, something that lions don’t willingly partake in normally. We have an unimaginable bond, which allows us to do things most earthly beings would think impossible. Meg enjoys long walks with her sister Amy in the vast wilderness where my sanctuary is situated.

I’ve always wondered what it would be like to see a lion kill from a lion’s perspective, so I decided to start strapping a modified GoPro chest mount onto Meg’s back every time we went on our walks just in case something happened.

Just getting a lion to keep a camera and harness on is an achievement on its. Most try to pull it off and then chew it up, but not Meg. She’s the perfect camera platform.

On this particular day, Meg had a different demeanor about her. When we started the walk she was continually sniffing the air picking up the scent of some antelope on the horizon. Thinking nothing of it at first, I followed Meg as she stealthily made her way through the long wheat colored grass, which blended perfectly with her tawny coat. I could not keep up as she picked up the pace.

Eventually after some time and from some distance away now, I saw Meg burst from cover and give chase. Then chaos and then stillness apart from the odd groan of an animal clearly in distress. Then quiet. I rushed over with my heart racing and in my throat, eventually finding Meg in the long grass with her jaws wrapped firmly around the wind pipe of a sub-adult water buck, suffocating it like she had been doing this exact thing for the past eleven years.

She had made a kill and I couldn’t wait to review the footage from her perspective. I checked the camera and it was still rolling. What a moment and privilege to have been part of such an experience.

You can watch the video of the hunt here.


Disclaimer: We do not advise interacting with wild animals. Kevin Richardson is a trained professional.

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