Stormy Waters, Brooding Sky

Capturing the Mood of the Winter Sea

Stormy Waters, Brooding Sky

Walking on the beach and looking at the winter sea covered with heavy clouds is like watching a black and white movie in an empty cinema. It's an incredible view—the sea, abandoned by summer, solitary and reflective, is a set of dark colors and movement.

You feel the ocean on your skin and smell the salty and pungent fragrance. It feels like today everything is there for you, just for you. The wind pushes you and the waves, making you a part of the scene. It's lonely, the sand cold, dark, and heavy.

A dog chases a shadow or a small truck. The factories are empty and you catch a glimpse of someone who looks distracted from the window of a bar on the beach. The docks are empty and the signs of the sea’s strength are visible. These are like scars on which you can count the passage of time.

The horizon is sandwiched between the dark, purplish clouds and the almost-black sea. The docks, empty, jut straight towards the horizon, and seem to invite you to ride the waves out to the infinite horizon.

Tomorrow there will be another sun to warm the sand. Tomorrow, the deafening noise of the wind will be drowned out by the laughter of children. The winter sea will be just a memory!



Story by: Francesco Trimarchi

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