Island Paradise

Beautiful Landscapes of the North Shore of Kauai

Island Paradise

As a Fine Art Photographer, I find landscapes to be one of my favorite subjects to photograph. The North Shore of Kauai is an amazing place to visit, experience, and take in all it has to offer. Having been to Kauai several times, I’ve had the privilege of enjoying this island paradise by getting married on Anini Beach, simply relaxing on beaches with my wife and daughter and also getting involved in a two-day long river rescue and saving two people’s lives on the Hanakapiai Falls trail. The following set of images were my attempt to wind down a bit after the river rescue and capture the beauty and power of some of my favorite locations on the North Shore.


The Kilauea Lighthouse sits high atop the Kilauea Point on the National Wildlife Refuge. I scouted this location for a few days wanting to capture an image I’ve yet to see. The sun was rising out of the East as a massive storm front moved in towards my location. It was an amazing few moments leading up to and just after I captured this shot. The winds went from calm to almost gale-force as the front moved in, bringing along massive amounts of rain and wind. It was quite the spectacle to witness.


Hanalei Bay has been starkly different every time I’ve visited. This morning’s sunrise looked as if the sky had a fireball of clouds illuminating the morning sky. It’s a never-ending show of beautiful light and waterfall activity in the background leading into the bay itself. 


Queens Bath has a beauty all of its own when slowed down with a long exposure, which softens the unbelievably powerful waves that break on this location. Depending on the swell and wave coming in, the water level rises and falls as much as twenty feet just before my feet along this ledge leading into the water.


Hideaways Beach is a very quiet and serene setting with incredibly clear water, lending views of the reef below. Off in the distance, Hanalei Bay can be seen leading into the North Shore.


Rock Quarry Beach at first light, with the Kilauea Light house in the background, was a great time to capture this setting between tides. The sheer force of the crashing waves and rocks can be felt all along this point as you traverse the terrain.

Story by: Michael Semaan

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