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Keeping Up with a Vans Shoe Designer

In Step with a Trendsetter

I’ve been documenting Angelenos in their favorite LA places for the past few years. Meeting Vans shoe designer Lindsay White Funk was an especially great connection not only because of the shoe’s famed SoCal history, but also because I sold Vans and swimwear as a teen. I aspired to a SoCal life since my first visit there when I turned 13.

To get this key photo I asked Lindsay to share her favorite location, which is the Veterans Park running trail in Manhattan Beach, CA. Very cool that a shoe designer is also a runner! We faced a couple challenges getting this shot. First, the best time for her to meet was in the evening so light was slipping away fast. Second, I wanted to capture her while she had one leg extended completely forward. And third, I wanted me and my assistant to use the lightest possible gear we could to achieve the shot. Being a somewhat petite person I like to use effective, lightweight gear solutions as much as possible.

I had Lindsay run at me about 25 times so we could get a shot where her smile was best, the Vans around her neck all turned towards camera and her feet and legs extended forward at a stride. She’s a champ! To achieve that, it also meant having a fast enough lens, camera and cards to keep up, not to mention an agile assistant (running backwards) holding a speedy enough strobe light.

I photographed RAW files of Lindsay White Funk with a Canon 7D, 24-70mm Canon lens, SanDisk Extreme Pro 16GB, Canon 580EX Speedlite, Lumedyne MiniMegaCycler, CZ cord and an Impact Radio Transmitter/Receiver.

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