Enchantments of the Pacific Northwest

A Twelve Hour Hike to a Breathtaking Sight

Enchantments of the Pacific Northwest

I moved up to the Pacific Northwest 10 months ago and haven’t been able to stop exploring since. Some buddies and I go on an adventure almost every other weekend. Our most recent adventure into the Enchantments might be our best one yet.



The Enchantments are known throughout the country for being an incredible hike, and the permits are not easy to obtain. We waited until the first weekend of the off-season, took our chances on the weather, and went up into the woods.



We encountered heavy traffic on the way there which meant our first experience was a dark, night hike in the rain. It was miserable, but we had high hopes. When we woke up to the sound of rain, we felt a little defeated, but we continued on and eventually some blue skies started to pop through!



It turned into one of those days—we felt exhausted and a little beat up, but the next ridge just looked so beautiful that we had to get there. We hiked for nearly twelve hours on Saturday and every minute was worth it.



It was a breathtaking sight—the larch trees with their bright orange created a beautiful pop to any photos I took. If you ever get a chance, take a hike up into these woods and be enchanted.


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Tim Kressin

Tim Kressin focuses on social justice issues and how he can use photography to create an impact.
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