Action in Africa

A Nonprofit making an Impact in a Third World Country

Action in Africa

Running a nonprofit that works in a third world country is no small feat. The corruption on the ground has been frustrating, but nothing compares to combating the Western perspective and expectations of doing “charity work” in Uganda. How many libraries have you built? How many wells have you installed? How many kids do you sponsor? One thing that we have found to remain true, and what has helped Action in Africa be successful, is that quality is infinitely more powerful than quantity. As a small NGO we pride ourselves on knowing the people we serve and living in the community with them so that together, as a team, we can make the greatest impact. Here are a few faces that represent more than just a number but rather an irreplaceable piece to the Action in Africa puzzle.


Meet our friend Esther. She is 14 years old, wants to be doctor when she grows up and is ranked 15th out of her entire class. Esther has been in our programs for almost five years and watching her develop into a determined and dedicated young woman has been such a gift. Since working with Esther, we have brought her sister and cousin into our scholarship programs as well. Additionally, Esther’s aunt is the President of our HIV Women Support group. As you can tell our relationship with Esther is more than just a one-time payment of school fees. She doesn’t represent just one person in our organization. This face is more than just a statistic.


Meet Eric, also famously known as “The Nose Picker.” Eric was one of those kids in the village that was utterly terrified of the white people in town. He would run in the opposite direction every time he saw us coming, but luckily I was able to catch this incredible shot when rounding around a corner near his house. Now a few years later this photo is hung up in our workshop and Eric along with his three siblings are regulars at our after-school programs. We are beyond honored that we not only get to impact his life daily but also the rest of his family!


Meet Daniella. We have had the great privilege of knowing Daniella her entire life. Viola, her mother, is one of Action in Africa’s key staff members and is responsible for maintaining the daily flow of things here on the ground. Daniella and her little sister Donah live at Action in Africa along with their mother and the rest of our on-the-ground team. While she has been a recipient of many of Action in Africa’s programs, we are most proud that she has become a part of our family.


These individual faces don’t only represent themselves but also their families, their friends, their peers, and their community. And the direct role that we are able to play in their lives now and for many years to come is a great honor.

Because of SanDisk, we are able to capture these individual faces that don’t only represent themselves but also their families, their friends, their peers, and their community. The intimate role that both SanDisk and Action in Africa are able to play in each of these lives now and for many years to come is beyond quantifiable.

Story by: Sarah Nininger

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